The language of business worldwide is English, with 1.35 billion English speakers worldwide and more than 50 countries with English as an official language.

Improved communication for entrepreneurs

Training your employees to speak fluently with colleagues and customers is a logical step towards international business success.

But how can you ensure that your team has the necessary skills to make the most of any opportunity to speak English?

At TeachersYa, we focus on a personalized approach so that employees can talk to colleagues and customers with ease in any situation, including sales calls, Zoom meetings and emails. We assess the needs of our students and create activities customized to their needs. You can rely on TeachersYa to help you with your professional business English based on three approaches:

Get your employees speaking and communicating proficiently in English.

Because what’s good for your employees is good for your team, your customers and, ultimately, your company.

You are one step away from speaking English

Do you want to lose your fear of English and speak it fluently?

Progressing in English has never been so much fun


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